About R.J. Kietzman - Architect

Born and raised in the Kansas City area, I have been designing homes here since 1980. As an architect, I do occasionally take on commercial projects. But my passion has always been designing and remodeling houses. I love sharing with my clients the process of turning their dreams into reality.

There's nothing quite like the excitement in a client's eyes as we plan their new home or take a tour during construction. Maybe that feeling comes to life at the first glimpse of what will become the gourmet kitchen that they've always wanted. Or maybe it's when the children scamper up into their bedroom loft - imaginations leading the way to the castle - complete with images of knights and princesses. Perhaps it is a love of music, or movies, or sports, or art that finds its voice in a new home. Even a garage can be a place to arouse the senses - as the new room for a classic car from years ago, or the one always dreamed of.

I started my company in 1988 with the goal of providing my clients with personal service throughout the design and construction process. I am registered in both Kansas and Missouri, having completed hundreds of projects on both sides of the state line.

Personality, however, is what we all strive for in a home. I pride myself on having the ability to bring your individuality to life. I design to reveal the emotions of my clients and reflect their character, whether it's for a small treehouse for the kids, or a new 10,000 square foot residence.

One of our first meetings should be in your current home. This allows me to discover how you live, and how you'd like to live, what works and what doesn't - maybe see your art collection or meet your kids and the family dog.

Beyond client relations and preliminary design, I personally handle every aspect of design including working drawings - having figured out years ago that a single source of responsibility streamlines the process and allows for greater control over technical aspects. It also makes it easier to control costs. So it's just me, from start to finish. And I find that my clients prefer it that way, with their project not handed from one to another, but being cared for throughout the process by the person that they are working with face to face. I believe, in the end, this gives them a better product.

Maybe you are ready to build your dream home, or just need to add a bit of space. Together, we can work to find the best possible solution to your needs and desires.